Change picBy: K-Lyric (December 2010)

Life is like a painting, everyone needs inspiration. Start your day off with a smile on your face and happiness for your soul to embrace. Many people realize their hearts desires late in life. When you have a goal, you can form a vision. Once you have a vision lined up start working on your mission. A dream can become a reality if you stay focused, dedicated, and passionate, have a driven mind set and have aspirations that go way beyond expectations.

Expanding the knowledge that God blessed you with will open the door to success.  Finding strength within you sometimes may not be easy. When one door after another closes sometimes we get discouraged. When you’re in a bad situation seek God. We all get to a point in life where enough is enough. Some of us go into a state of depression others pretend as if the situation does not exist.  

I’ve noticed that many people (including myself at times) tend to do things in routine. We never want to change the way we think, eat and do things to better ourselves.  Change is growth. Growth allows us to be stronger than what we are. Some of us don’t have the strength in us to do something different. We are creatures of habits and resist change. 

Why don’t we want to change? Could it be because of our past conditions? We are prisoners of our past and allow our minds to play games with us. People will try to hold your past against you, but don’t let your personal and present circumstances stop you from your true destination.  Christ doesn’t see us for where we are, but for what we can become.

When you are feeling discouraged hold on and be strong. God’s favor can open the door to many possibilities. You are His child and what He has is more precious then you can imagine. We get broken-hearts, we fall down, but we pick ourselves back up. There is always hope for a better tomorrow if you just believe.  Believing means knowing you can overcome any battle or any storm.

There comes a time in ones life when you stop running. No matter how much you like the chase reality is something we all must face good or bad. How will we ever grow with out change? I believe that if we don’t face our problems that stumble upon us in life; we may always stay stuck in a rut. Some of us can’t live with our past mistakes or past issues that we have faced. We try to take other routes and find ways to cut off or erase what was in the past and may be in the present not realizing that later on we will face our problems head on.

A problem is just what it is a problem. It can be solved as long as you know how to divide and multiply. The functions are laid out on the table for us. We have to know the operation in order to come up with the best solution. If you’re feeling like you’re on the edge and life keeps taking you in circles.  You have to take time to re-evaluate your life. Stop procrastination and welcome change into your life.  It will definitely help build you up in the future.