If you’re ever going to place a bet on something, you better be pretty sure that you’re on the mark. Especially when there’s money, or a human life involved. We all know God doesn’t gamble. He doesn’t need to. But during one of my low moments where I was ready to throw in the towel, this question popped up in my mind. And I wondered if God could boast about me the way he boasted about Job. If God were to ever place a bet on me, would He win? The answer I suppose would be up to me.

I’ve always heard stories, or testimonies, if you will, from friends, family, colleagues, and people from different walks of life who have shared with me about one time or another, when they flat out quit. Quit church or anything having to do with the Most High. Having never been in their shoes, I would sometimes think “What’s their problem?” But it wasn’t until I was tested, I mean really tested that I was able to empathize.

Imagine losing everything. All that you had, all that you worked for, gone. Can God bet on you? And while no one is perfect I still wonder could God ever say “Have you considered my servant (insert your name here) that there is no one like her/him?

I have no profound conclusion, or definite answer for that matter. But I will say after careful contemplation, my answer for the above question, regarding myself, was no. Surprised? Don’t be. But almost immediately after, it’s as if this still small voice (one I’m sure you’re familiar with) said “Yes, I can,” [bet on you] to the above question. And I thought maybe, just maybe God has more faith in me than I have in myself. And maybe, that’s all it takes. Is a little faith. Not in ourselves, but in Him through us. ‘For His strength is made perfect in Weakness.’

Written by: Shenelle Wallace