Can America be great again?  With the divisions, distractions, confusion and strife oozing out of Washington these days, people of all nationalities and political diversities must ask not only what is happening in American but what has happened to America? Is it possible the present political state of America is actually a snapshot of its spiritual and moral decline? Shouldn’t we have expectations of our representatives that don’t include blatant racism, finger-pointing, mud-slinging and cheap shots at others? What will it take to make “America great again”?

Since the Supreme Court ruled that prayer in public schools was unconstitutional in the 60’s, America has systematically removed God and any references to him from its foundational institutions like government agencies and public schools; as well as non-profit organizations and private corporations. Demanding separation of church and state — secularism — and political correctness. At home, our children will follow us anywhere but to church!  Yes, God’s been removed as the head and replaced with vanity and pride. Just like those at the Tower of Babel in the bible. They wanted to make a name for themselves rather than glorify God. Sound familiar?

The good news is that God hasn’t given up on America! The system may keep prayer out of it’s institutions, but can’t take it out of our hearts! If America wants to be great again, God must preside as the head of its hearts and homes. Churches must stop tailoring God’s Word to fit their way of life! You can’t expect a politician to put God first in his office if God isn’t first in his life, regardless of how many stacked bibles he places his hand on while reciting an oath!  If America wishes to be great again, America must return to God!