Camille_Newman_2By: Shenelle Wallace

Ever since her debut album in 2010, Camille Newman left fans eager for more. More of her voice, more of her songs, more of her music, more of her. Serving up her second album A Place Called Heaven, Camille chats with So Divine about her journey to her latest project and accepting God’s unconditional love.

Shenelle Wallace: It’s been two years since your last album. What have you been up to since?

Camille Newman: I took a break musically to focus on a business that I started. It’s a plus size clothing store called Pop-up Plus. That launch took a lot of energy and took up some time. As for the music, I think when you’re writing an album, you have to wait until God gives it to you. These songs all came about in Fall 2011, and now, less than a year later, here we are at the release!

Shenelle Wallace: How are you different as a person since the last album?

Camille Newman: A lot of things have happened. When you’re a creative person you go through different stages like, I’m good one day and the next day I’m not. You go through the motions you know?  But I’ve improved a lot and I’ve resolved some issues that I was fighting with during the first album, like God loving me and self love. Now, I’m in a more secure place. I’m more sure and accepting of God’s love for me. Overall, I’m more grateful and more thankful.

Shenelle Wallace: Interesting that you struggled with God’s love for you. I think more people wrestle with that than we know. How did you come to that assurance?

Camille Newman: It’s like the sky is blue. No one questions that. We all grew up believing it and it’s just become a fact. And that’s how you have to be with God’s love. You have to wake up one day and say you know what? I’m going to accept it. And as you continue to accept it, one day it’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks and its going to be like an earth shaking revelation in your heart, that wow, God really loves me!  I really sympathize with people who struggle with that because if you have not had a lot of love demonstrated to you in your life, it’s easy to skip over that most important part. You have to number one pray that God gives you that revelation, and that God continues to work in your heart. Ask God to take your heart over and make a serious change. And when he begins to do that, you’ll become more accepting of his love. But it also begins with a daily decision saying I’m going to accept God’s love for me. Just like you accept the sky is blue, you have to wake up and say I’m going to accept God’s love for me. End of story.

Shenelle Wallace: How have you grown spiritually?

Camille Newman: I’ve gone through a lot of spiritual changes. God is leading me away from a feeling experience and an emotional experience. As you grow in Christ, you have to become less about feeling about God and more about knowing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have my days! Sometimes I’m like God what are you doing up there! He’s on vacation (laughs)! But I’m just really at the point where I’m determined to know God. God has already done his part. The problem is really with us. So as he continues to work through me, I continue on in faith.

Shenelle Wallace: How have you grown musically and as an artist?

Camille Newman: Musically I would say I’m more confident when I’m behind the mic.

Shenelle Wallace: Why did you Choose A Place Called Heaven for the single?

Camille Newman: Besides the fact that I love the song! When we think of heaven we think of eternity. This “place.” And one day God gave me this revelation that at the end of this life, earth will still be here. It’s heaven in a kind of figurative sense. God will be present, but in our minds and in our thoughts God is preparing us for that place. The song is about living above circumstance. Being positive, and walking away from pain. That’s the kind of heaven He wants Christians to be in on a daily basis. Some of us struggle through life and say I can’t wait to get to heaven. But why not pursue heaven here on Earth? So that’s why I chose this song as the title track.

Shenelle Wallace: The last album was very pop with up-tempo beats. What direction did you go with the music this time around?

Camille Newman: Still pop, still up-tempo, but even more so. I wanted to find the fun side of God. I wanted to sing about hope and living in God and being free in ourselves. Sometimes Christians can be so somber and sad and just a drag (laughs)! I really want people to be encouraged and know that you can be fun and be in Christ, and still live a sanctified life and be Christian.  I am doing Christian pop music, and would hate to think that I’m the only one out here doing it. But that’s the direction I took it.

Shenelle Wallace: You collaborated with a Christian rapper this time around…

Camille Newman: Oh yes! I have I have a collaboration on this album and the song is called “Make It.” It’s with a rapper named Pyro. He is awesome! You should definitely check him out.

Shenelle Wallace: One thing I enjoy about your music is the live performances. Can we look forward to a tour anytime soon?

Camille Newman: I would love to go on a tour. There’s a lot I have to say, and there’s a lot He gave me to say. So pray for me! All you readers out there (Laughs)! I’m praying that God sends the right people so we can make this happen.

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