By: Shenelle Wallace October (2010)

Bryan McKoy is all about self awareness and purpose. Through his new internet talk show “Know Yourself”, he’s created a medium for individuals to impact the lives of others by sharing their story of finding and living out their own purpose.

So Divine: So you started a company…

Bryan McKoy: I started a company called B4B Entertainment; it stands for “Be forever Blessed.”  I had a video production company [under that] but it wasn’t doing the greatest and I wanted to find another avenue to get it out there. After a certain Sunday morning service God dropped it into my spirit “Know Yourself.”

So Divine: What is the basis for the show?

Bryan McKoy: The essence and importance of knowing who you are and knowing who created you. My motto for the show is if you know yourself, you’ll love yourself; if you love yourself, you’ll be yourself. In knowing yourself you first have to know who created you. By knowing who created you, you begin to understand the importance of the value of your life. With knowing yourself you can then fulfill the purpose of why God has placed you on this earth. I look at a lot of relationships with our young generation now, and a lot of these kids, these teenagers, and even adults who have grown up don’t even know who they are. It took me a while to really understand who I was. Not just in the natural aspect but spiritually as well. So that is my goal to help, encourage, inspire, and to teach people of knowing who they are and knowing who created them-knowing the God that created them. Because he took the time out to create you, you are someone special. You have value to your life.

So Divine: Why do you have such a strong desire to reach those people who are in search of themselves?

Bryan McKoy:  Because when you don’t know who you are you’re subject to fall prey to what other people feel you should be and what other people feel you are, verses who the God that created you say who you are. So if you have a lot of people telling you, “You’re this, you’re that”, and you don’t understand who you really are based on the God that created you, you’ll begin to take on and become what they say that you are. I traveled a road that wasn’t always easy; I didn’t have the average childhood. I was raised in the church [where my father was] and couldn’t call him dad. That in itself played a lot in terms of how I developed as a man. It caused me to lash out and do things that had I had a relationship with my dad probably wouldn’t have went down. It caused me to take on traits that I really didn’t have to, and slowed down my progress of developing into the man that God made me to be. I don’t want that for other people. I want people at a young age to understand who they are.

So Divine: Tell us about some of the guests and topics on your show.

Bryan McKoy: I had a young lady who lost her son three years ago to senseless revenge violence, and she turned that into a movement. She has a foundation now called NAC, which stands for “Not Another Child”. When people saw what she went through they were so touched that she was able to turn that negative into a positive. She could reach out to other parents who may have lost their child the same way and might not have dealt with it the way she did and it’s still a negative for them.  I’ve had a lady who’s daughter was born deaf, and instead of her sulking and being mad at God, she turned that into a career; enabling her to impart help to other parents who may have kids with disabilities and don’t know how to cope, or the avenues to give the child the proper care. So the show allows my guests to tell the people how getting to know who they were helped them decide that this was the path or this was the career that they needed to take.

So Divine: Who is your target audience?

Byan McKoy: I target the young people and young adults, but It’s really for everyone because I have I people from all walks of life on my show. I haven’t and I’m not going to limit myself as to who I have on the show. People do understand that I have standards, but at the same time if you have a story to tell that will encourage, help, or inspire someone then by all means I want you on the show. If it’s going to change someone’s life for a positive; the way they think, the way they act, the way they live, then hey, let’s make it happen.

So Divine: What have you learned about God through your journey of getting to know yourself?

Bryan McKoy: That God is able, he’s forgiving, loving, he’s merciful, and because he took the time out to create someone like me, it lets me know that I am special and I am somebody. I’m not what people say that I am. Just because you may have stolen a magazine ten years ago, doesn’t make you a thief. If God can forgive us and throw our sins in the sea of forgetfulness, then why do we keep bringing it up? Why do we keep living like we’re the thing that we did? It’s time to understand really and truthfully the purpose that he has put inside of you. Everyone was put on this earth for a purpose. And until you understand who you are through the God that created you, you’ll never fully understand and be able to fulfill that purpose.  And that is my goal to help change the mindset of people young and old. The way they live and the way they view themselves.