The title instantly caught my attention while browsing through the bookstore after work one day (Borders bookstore is closing and having a sale! Catch it while you can!). Being the curious cat that I am, I flipped through the pages and skimmed through a few paragraphs here and there. “Dear God, its not me, it’s you…” the beginning of one chapter read, which ignited my interest even more.

In the book, the author tells of growing up Christian, her journey to falling in love with God, and then making a pleasing decision to walk away from Him for good. She was a youth minister, a student at a prestigious college where she would receive a Master’s of Divinity, also a Doctorate in Theology, and was well on her way to becoming an ordained Episcopal priest.  Until she woke up one day, according to her, and decided that it was over. She left it all behind.

Well then, what happened? My thoughts exactly.

Before I dive in, I must say in all fairness I did not read the entire book. So I’ll only speak on what I did read. Somewhere mid book, the writer expresses that there was just too much wrong with the world for her to hold on to faith. The idea of a loving God, who loves us so much that he died, yet constant violence, sickness, poverty, suffering, pain, and injustice day after day and nothing is done by this omnipotent God to stop it. God was not who she believed he was.

Alright, I get it. Dare I say fair argument? I’ve heard this many times before. But, here’s the thing. Stop for a moment and consider creation. The sun, how it raises and sets, the moon how it’s strategically placed to provide light in the deep darkness of the night, the four seasons, how they distinctively transition into the next,  nature (Matthew 6:26), the animals, I can go on. There is no denying that there is an intelligently designed order to everything.  Amongst mankind however, that order was lost and the above turmoil is the result of it.

Thankfully, there is hope. We may not understand circumstances at times, but that doesn’t make God any less of who he is. The world is far from perfect and that is due to sin. Since God is a God of order, he is coming back to restore that which was lost. It’s easy to get deceived and denounce God when things take a turn for the worst, whether you’re experiencing it first hand, or watching someone else go through.  We were never promised a rose garden her on earth, but the hope and joy is in knowing that we have overcome through Christ (John 13:33).

Have you ever thought about breaking up with God? What did you do about it? Your testimony may very well help someone.

Written by: Marie W.