By: Lady M.

2012 is upon us. The year that many have speculated about, and believe will be the year the world finally comes to an end. Whispers have gone out and fear has gripped a few because they perceive this to be true, and are preparing accordingly. Then there are those who don’t buy into it but are making preparations none-the-less; not for the end however, but for a beginning, the beginning of the New Year. We prepare for so many things in life: the New Year, the end of a year, marriage, a driver’s license, going away to college, having kids, taking a test, a family visit, etc. We will read books, take courses, watch videos, attend seminars, clean up our homes, and do all sorts of extra things preparing for the above.   But there is one important thing that we need to prepare for that we sometimes neglect, or forget that it can happen any day at any time. That preparation is for the return of the Lord.

I guess it’s easier to prepare for something and make sure you’re ready when you know that it’s going to happen at a set place and a set time. And since you know for sure an event such as the ones listed is going to happen on cue, you know to be ready or you’ll get left behind.

No one knows the day of Christ’s return, the Bible tells us that clearly. But we do know that he is coming. So I ask the question, are you ready? The verse “Prepare to meet your God” is resonating in my head.  I don’t know why God kept his return a secret though. Maybe it’s to prove the loyalty of those who claim they live for Him. How simple would it be to get our act together if we knew He was arriving tomorrow! We’d all be in top shape and have gotten our act together.  But how meaningful is it to live a life pleasing to God every day so that we’re always ready. It might have been said to you before, “What if God came back today, would you be ready?” And then came the flashbacks of things that we may have done that did not do God justice, and the reminder that we have yet to make it right with Him.

Just like preparation for any event in life takes work, being ready for Gods return takes work.  And that takes a huge effort on our part to live like He did when He was here, and believe in Him.

Always be mindful of Gods return and to be prepared all the time. We don’t want that day to sneak up on us, and find us not ready. You don’t want to be left behind.