All or NoBy: Duerre Thomas (June 2010)


Everyone dreams of having a life that matters and a life that makes a difference, but rarely are we ready to pay the cost of having that kind of life. The value of the life you live will depend on the cost you’re willing to pay.

God is looking for a generation of people that will say Lord whatever we need to do in order to see your will done in our lives, that’s what we will do. What is it that you want God to do in your life? What is it that you want God to do in your family? What is it that you want God to do in your community? What do you want him to do in your generation? There will be a cost.

When we walk into a store and see something that we like, we look at the price. Some people are willing to pay anything for what they like or want, especially if it has value. I simply want to tell you that God has a life of value for us! God wants to do some things through us and for us, but in order to get to the place God desires us to be, we must be willing to pay the price!

In Luke 9:57 Jesus encounters 3 different people that desired to follow Him. The first said Lord I will follow you wherever you go. Jesus responded ‘Foxes have holes birds have nests, but there are times I don’t have no where to sleep’ (was he still willing to follow him?). The second got an invitation from Jesus to follow Him and he responded: ‘Lord let me first go and bury my father’. Jesus said ‘Let the dead bury the dead, but you must go and proclaim the Kingdom’ (did he follow him?). A third man shouted out ‘I will follow you Lord, but first let me go and say good by to my family.’ Jesus said ‘No man that puts his hand to work and looks back is fit for the Kingdom.’ Jesus was telling these three individuals there is a cost to follow me. It’s easy to be a fan of Christ, but when it comes to being a follower of Christ what are you willing to give up? It’s all or nothing.

Cheap things have a cheap price tag, expensive things have a greater cost, I don’t know about you, but I want the best life I can possibly have, and unlike Kanye I’m not willing to just settle for a “good life”, when I know that with God I can have a great life! What will be the cost to have the life God desires for me to have? I want to ask, what are you willing to give up?

I. You must be willing to die to your desires.
a. This is where all your desires are His desires. If it doesn’t line up with what God desires then you know it’s nothing you should desire.

II. You must be willing to suffer rejection.
a. This is what Jesus was trying to teach the first man that asked to follow him; I won’t always be accepted when I go places I will have to endure not having a place to even rest my head are you willing and ready to suffer that kind of rejection for me?
b. This goes against the “wanting to be popular attitude.” Desiring popularity will cause you to be a man pleaser rather than a God pleaser. There are times when being a Christian will call for making an unpopular decision; because when you choose to go against the crowd, the crowd turns their back, But God stands up on your behalf. When every one else wants to go to the club, you are saying different. When every one else wants to do the things that you know isn’t right you make the difference. But in doing that are you willing to lose some popularity? You may not have that much friends anymore, people will begin to talk about you, they will ostracize you criticize you and call you all kinds of things are you really ready to accept that?

III. You must be willing to give some stuff up!
a. This is the hard Part, because you may have decided to follow Christ and in the process it’s still easy for us to acquire some stuff that we know we shouldn’t be carrying. And even if we had some things before we came to Christ, maybe he is requiring for us to give those things up for His sake.
b. The thing we need to remember is that God will never ask us to do something that will affect us in a negative way. He desires for us to have life and life abundantly. He desires for us to prosper, to do well, and to have a hope according to Jeremiah 29:11. So if He is saying you need to give this thing up, then we must trust him enough to know that he is asking this for our good. What is God asking you to put on the alter of sacrifice today? Is it a relationship that is not good even if it seems or feels good? Is it time to spend with him rather than online or watching TV or just hanging out?

The time for us to be followers of Christ is now, God isn’t about having fans; anyone can be a fan. What’s a fan? Someone that says hey that’s cool, what they do at church I like that! They say wow I’m so interested in what’s going on over there I think I’ll just come and watch. But God is looking for followers. A follower says Lord I know daily I will have to take up my cross, I will have to make sacrifices that I may not really want to make, because I’m not just interested in you I’m committed to you. God is looking for a generation that will be real with him and for him, a generation that loves him with their hearts and not just their mouths. A generation that will say for you I will lose my life to find my life. It’s all or nothing. I’m giving one hundred.