Alexis_Spight_3By: Shenelle Wallace

“My hair is bright red, but I love the Lord.” That was the introduction 19 year old Alexis Spight from Buffalo NY, gave the congregation at the Potter’s House Ministries before performing. Far from your average preacher’s kid, she is unique in her own right and makes no apologies for it. As the Season 6 runner up on BET’s Sunday Best, Alexis dares to be different making a bold entrance onto the gospel scene with the attitude that as long as God is glorified, that’s all that matters. Truly, man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.

Shenelle Wallace:  I’m sure your life has changed drastically since the show. How has things been different?

Alexis Spite: I’ve been traveling across the country. Not too long ago I was in the Bahamas and I did a full concert there, which was amazing. My first CD LOL, Living Out Loud is in stores everywhere. So I’m really excited. Also, my two singles, Imagine Me, the Kirk Franklin Remake that I did on the show, is doing really well on the radio and at the top of the charts as far as one of the newest songs for praise, on both secular and gospel radio stations. My newest single Steady, which is self written has been doing extremely well also, and I just did the video for it a few days ago. So it’s been amazing and I’m so thrilled about all the things that God is doing.

Shenelle Wallace:  I really love the single Steady. What does being Steady mean to you in life and in music?

Alexis Spight:  Well, when I wrote the song, I was looking at the economy and the different things that I faced  in my life early on, and it was basically just a prayer to God saying God, regardless of what’s going on around me, keep me grounded, cover me. That’s definitely something I believe the world is asking God to do. In this society people are losing their minds, their houses, their jobs, and I believe that if God covers us, if He keeps us grounded, if he keeps us steady, that everything will be ok. Even now, I’m trusting God to keep me covered and grounded in this industry. I’m really excited, and grateful that God gave me the job.

Shenelle Wallace: The name of the album, as you mentioned before is Live Out Loud. How are you practicing that?

Alexis Spight:  Alexis Spight is living out loud because she tries her hardest to exemplify what being a good Christian is like. I try to let my life speak for me. I remember before the show, Pastor Kim Burrell was telling me, people are going to have a lot of critiques about you, but let your life speak for you. That’s definitely something that I’ve tried to live by. I try to be bold about who I am in Jesus Christ. Regardless of what you look like, you can be as different as you want to be and still love God wholeheartedly. You don’t have to fit into a box of traditionalism that church minded people- not kingdom minded people- but church minded people, and even society tries to enforce, that says you have to look like “this” to be saved. God says that Man looks at the outward appearance, but He sees your heart. That’s definitely what I want my ministry to portray and my life to speak. That’s how I live out loud.

Shenelle Wallace: Pastor Kim Burell is by far a legend in gospel. What was it like working with her?

Alexis Spight: It was very surreal, and very humbling. I do not take that for granted. To this day she continues to mentor me and pour into me with her words of wisdom and all things that she’s learned being in the industry. It was truly an honor.  I’m grateful to God for it. I don’t take it lightly.

Shenelle Wallace: You have such a wonderful voice, and I was surprised to learn that during the auditioning process for Sunday Best you were discouraged hearing the other singers.

Alexis Spight: You know, I think that’s God’s way of keeping us humbled. What we have to understand is, we’re not the only one who God gives gifts and talent to. He gives them to everybody.  I was discouraged because I knew that unlike being in a secular competition these were very talented people. People who grew up in church are some of the best singers. Look at Aretha Franklin. Look at Ella Fitz Gerald. A lot of these legends grew up singing in church. I knew I would be up against some tremendous talent. But I persevered and trusted God that regardless of what I thought the outcome would be He would take care of me and He did. Even though I didn’t win the title “Sunday Best” I’m entirely grateful for the platform it provided me and the doors that opened.

Shenelle Wallace: Was Gospel music always your first choice?

Alexis Spight: What I wanted to do was give my gift back to God. He brought me through so many things. At a young age He helped me overcome a lot of adversity. I’m only 19years old and I’ve been homeless. About 5 years ago my entire family resorted to living in a hotel, after living in a beautiful home we had to leave in 48 hours. We lost it due to some financial difficulties. I’m a preachers kid, so being a preacher’s kid you understand early how to sacrifice. It prompted my relationship that I have now with God. It enabled me to trust him, because even then I never wanted for anything, and He still proved himself to me. So I feel a certain obligation to give my gift back to God.

Shenelle Wallace: Amen to that! You know, I’m a preacher’s kid also–

Alexis Spight: You are?

Shenelle Wallace: I am! There are a lot of stereotypes about preacher’s kids–

Alexis Spight: Oh definitely!

Shenelle Wallace: How did you handle those stereotypes as the child of a preacher?

Alexis Spight: It was hard! I think anyone can concur that you have to live up to a certain standard that society and church and everybody puts on you because of the role of your parents. Fortunately for me, I was brought up in a home where I was encouraged to be myself, and that before pleasing people, I was encouraged to please God. As long as I was pleasing God and living up to His expectation, I was confident that the world would catch on and look at me as a godly example to young people.

Shenelle Wallace: Now, you’re style is pretty unique–

Alexis Spight: Very! (Laughs)

Shenelle Wallace: Do you get a lot of flack about that? Or do you find that people accept it?

Alexis Spight: Oh no, I get flack! I get twitter messages, I get facebook messages, I get people walking up to me telling me I need to take my hair out because it’s distracting them. I get a lot of criticism about it. At one point in my life it bothered me. You’re talking to somebody who battled insecurity, and who used to be not confident in who I was. But when God freed me from that, I was able to say “God Bless You”, and keep it moving, because I knew who I was. I encourage everybody to find out who you are in Jesus Christ and it won’t matter what people say about you, just by you knowing who you are.  You’ll have such a confidence in who God made you. I’ve let go of the negativity and I’m going to keep being that beacon of light God wants me to be.

Shenelle Wallace: I’m sure a lot of people look up to you for that.

Alexis Spight: Praise God. Thank you.

Shenelle Wallace: What can we look forward to on the album?

Alexis Spight: Expect everything! Everything that you need at this point in your life, expect it! (Laughs)  I like to say that it’s a melting pot. There’s a bunch of stuff for everybody. There are 7 songs from the show, two songs that I wrote myself, and two other songs written and produced by Alvin Garrett. He’s an amazing writer and prouder and has written for people like, Tank, Joe, and Tyrese. The songs are phenomenal. I’m confident that it will bless everybody. I’m believing that this album will cross barriers of ethnicities, barriers of age; it’s not discrimitory in any aspect so I encourage everybody to go out and get it.

Shenelle Wallace: This is the beginning of a long term career for you in music. Where are you hoping this journey will take you?

Alexis Spight: First and foremost, and I really don’t mean to be cliché, but I’m hoping that people will be changed, souls will be saved, and people will be delivered. That’s my number one priority. That should be everyone’s priority in any form of ministry whether it’s singing, preaching, whatever it is you’re doing. But I can’t speak for them, I can only speak for me. So that’s my prayer. And two, I want to encourage people and remind people, that again you can be as different as you want to be, as unique as you want to be, and still love God. We can cataputl those souls who are just as unique, and just as eclectic as I am into the kingdom of God.

Alexis’ CD LOL, Living Out Loud, is out now, and be purchased here.