By: Camille Newman (July 2010)


We go to church and we see the zeal of churchgoers. They roll on the floor, they speak in spiritual tongues they jump higher, reaching and touching the feet of Jesus it seems.  We look at this and then look at ourselves and ask, “Where is God in my life?” Am I not deep enough with God?  We mistake this outward showing of exuberance as a measure for how deeply connected we are with God. Yet truthfully it begins in the heart. How do we know we have surrendered our hearts fully to God and are these outward acts a manifestation of our total surrender to him? Well not quite!

There is no debate; the heart is essential to life. The English word heart is translated 878 times in the bible and there are only 7 books where the heart is not mentioned.  In Genesis 6:5  we are told “every intent and thought in man’s heart is evil continually.” In Deuteronomy 4:29 Moses reminds the Israelites, that if they seek the Lord with all of their heart, soul and mind they will find him. In Psalms 139, David petitions God to “Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try me and know my anxieties, and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. So it is clear the heart is intertwined with our entire human nature influencing and being influenced by everything we do, but the heart is also the very gateway to the secret places of God.

In our hearts is where we experience the depth of emotion. We often associate the heart with intense romantic love for a special someone, but could it be God created the heart with a desire for him first to be the object of our desire, the object of our love, the place where we begin to know him on a deeper level?

I have discovered that “God having my heart” is an ongoing process. Like the flow of blood in a continuum going deeper in God is a constant process, we never truly arrive.  Like the physical and spiritual complexities of the heart, our thoughts, and intents, the Holy Sprit forms intricate communication networks. Messages are sent through our heartstrings when we press to reach God, to unlock his own heart, to know him on a deeper level. We develop high cholesterol or clogged arteries when we don’t have the right dietary habits, and spiritually when we fill our lives with the things that aren’t Christ like, we experience spiritual heart attacks, where the arteries of prayer and surrender are clogged, cut off from God’s very presence.

You never truly hit the mark with total surrender to Christ. If so we would have no need to rely on him- we would be like Adam before the fall-perfect. But as the heart pumps blood even while we sleep, we must pump spiritual blood into our walk with God. Like the physical heart obeys certain laws, we must subject our will, emotions, love, time and obedience to the will of God so our spiritual arteries can be clear and in direct communication with him. How is your heart today?