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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFounder & Editor in Chief: Shenelle Wallace

So Divine Magazine is a dynamic gospel online magazine, where we share our stories in faith. Expect lifestyle articles, music, fashion, relationships, news, artists, and more! Be inspired through the lives of others, or inspire others with your own. Stay connected with us right here and tell a friend!

Mission Statement  An online platform where Christians can share their stories.

Definition of DIVINE: Godlike, heavenly; emanating from God. Excellent in the highest degree.


  1. I listened to your tape attraction to unavailable men. I am a 70 yr old woman who was abandoned by both parents, and most of my life have met and I believe attracted them to, like a magnet, at this age I want to do the
    work but don’t know where to start

  2. Congratulations Shenelle!!! I remember many years ago hearing you talk about this brainchild. You’ve done a phenomenal job using this platform to inform and inspire millennials keeping Christ as the head. Love it! Sandy Curtis-Felix

  3. OMG! SANDY!!!!!! It’s soooo good hearing from you! And Thank youuuu!!!!! Thank you so very much! It’s been a long time coming. You have no idea, this totally made my day! Thanks again for checking it out. Miss you lady! I hope all is well! – Shenelle

  4. OMG!!!!! Shenelle this is soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you . God is going to use this platform to reach so many lives. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  5. Hiii Shanell!!!!! Thank youuuu!!!!!! It means a lot that you took time to check it out. I really appreciate it. So glad I could share it with you. I wholeheartedly receive the well wish you gave! God Bless. – Shenelle

  6. Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I am a small business owner. I’m currently opening an online business through affiliate programs and it would absolutely be a blessing to work with Sarah. I’m currently apart of her number one fan club and she is one of the reasons that I decided to believe in myself and start my business. From watching her videos and playing it on my social media pages. It inspiried me to go after my dream of owning my very own business. I will truly love for my social media followers, customers and I to be part of something so great. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you and be blessed!

  7. Hi Jaqueline. Thank you for your comment. It would be great if we could help you, however we do not work with Sarah’s clothing production team directly. Perhaps reaching out to someone on her team would be best. Much success to you in the opening of your business. God Bless.

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