By: Shenelle Wallace  

Andre Johnson’s A Minor Musik label has been in business for years. The label has a solid fan base and outstanding artists. But on April 27th, after 3 years of being in business, he decided to have an official launch party showcasing two of his artist, but most importantly Chris Jackson, who just released a mixtape. I was one of many to attend, and in true A Minor and company form, they did not disappoint.  Hosted by Torrence Glenn, BET’s gospel correspondent, it was an enjoyable night full of energy and great performances.

The show opened up with David Metayer and One Accord, a young adult group who sang 3 numbers consisting of powerful blended voices and harmonies. After their set, enter Danielle Lewis who innately turns any concert into a worship experience. Her fans are immediately on their feet knowing ‘what time it is.’ “When you come to our stuff, you’re going to be ministered to” she says, while gracefully allowing God’s presence to take over. She sings a few of her original songs, including my personal favorite “Redeemed.” She exits the stage on a high, which is no surprise. And finally, Chris Jackson.

Chris Jackson knows a thing or two about crowd participation he had everyone in the building “jumping”. In other words, emphatically enjoying the show. Andre A minor was watching from the front row like a proud manager cheering him on and bopping his head to the beat. Leaning with it, rocking with it, and everything else in between. Chris Jackson and his band get lost in the music on stage, as any great performer does and should. He showed off some dance moves too. The crowd utters the words to his song and sing along. His new single “Lay It On Me” seems to be a crowd favorite. A fusion of hip hop beats reminiscent of Missy Elliot’s I can’t stand the rain. Everyone is immensely loving it. They are all engaged and involved as if it were their own single.  Moved by the meaning of a particular song, Chris Jackson manages to belt out an emotional rendition of “His Pain.” CEO Andre could hardly contain himself in awe of his artist as if to say “Job well done.” The cheers and applause from the crowd is evident that he just “ripped” it.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to put out a project. And I finally put one out. 

Even though it’s a mix tape, I can say it’s mine. I’m so overwhelmed that you 

guys came out to support. Artists put everything they have into their music.”

Says Jackson as he is overwhelmed by the embrace from his fans.

The band takes a few minutes to show off their skills while the crowd rocks out, and the show comes to an end.