I tuned in to watch the Clark Sister’s bio pic with the rest of the world on Saturday night. It was a superb depiction of how it all began for the first ladies of gospel music. Who would have thought that 5 church girls singing in the choir would become gospel legends one day? Well the word did say “All things are possible.” And last night, we got a chance to see the story of a God fearing mother, whose belief in her children, led them to the greatness that they are today. Here are some things I learned from watching:   

1.Your Gift Will Make Room for You.

The first time the sisters learned they’d be singing at the Grammy’s, they were ecstatic. They got there simply by using their vocals to sing, and perfecting their sound while they were at it. The world caught on as performance requests came in, opening stages beyond their small town. Prayer, preparation, faith, and works, gently opened much deserving doors.

2.Your Talent Is Made for More Than The Four Walls of The Church.

In the days of the early church, if you performed on any stage other than the pulpit, you were sure to be condemned. But as the good book says, “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners unto repentance.” There are some people who would never step foot in a church, and sometimes the church has to go to them. Instead of preaching to each other all the time, there’s no harm in going into the world to spread the gospel.

3.Even In The Church You’ll Have Haters.

If there’s one thing the church has been infamous for, it’s casting stones and attaching guilt even when it isn’t called for. The scene where Dr. Mattie’s Bishop gave her an ultimatum, is a prime example of that. It’s a good thing she chose to continue her calling with or without the support of her congregation. Sometimes they just don’t want to see you do well. Or better yet, better than them.

4.Church Kids Everywhere Can Relate.

There seems to be a common thread in the way kids grew up in church. Similarities such as no parties, no women in pants, and overly protective parents gave us a good laugh as we remember the rules we had to stick to, in order to be deemed as holy. Dr. Mattie Moss refused to let her daughter Jacky in until she put on a skirt, Denise came in late every night determined to have fun, and all the sisters had a shoe thrown at them because they couldn’t get their notes right. Oh the joys, of growing up in the church, as a kid.

5. Our Will To Please Our Parents, Shouldn’t Override Pleasing God

There’s a fine line between pleasing parents, and doing the will of God. In the movie Twinkie Clark in her frustration shouted “I Don’t Know The Difference!” I felt that. In my bones. Most times mama does know best. But God knows best all the time. Knowing the difference, can make all the difference. While parents do mean well,  our heart is to serve God first.