Dr. Kre Johnson is a certified medical expert. She has been serving the public for years, and continues to educate the masses at all costs. One who advocates for self-care and wellbeing, Dr. Kre encourages us to take heed on COVID precautions as it is not over yet.  Read on to hear about how you can continue to protect yourself against this pandemic.

The African American Community has taken a hit with one of the highest reported number of deaths due to COVID 19. How can we avoid this, given talks of a second wave?

Dr. Kre: I think the African American community has taken the biggest hit because we have a lot of risk factors for illnesses in general. For instance high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are all common illnesses, and illnesses that African Americans suffer at a higher rate than our Caucasian counterparts.  This often means we have weaker immune systems. My recommendation is to start taking vitamins and exercising regularly to boost the immune system. 

With summer temperatures rising, people are stepping outside to the beach, to the park, and visiting family and friends. Is this safe? 

Dr. Kre: No it is not safe. COVID numbers have not decreased with the rising temperatures of summer. Our family’s motto is that everyone has COVID unless proven otherwise. That means test results saying you don’t.  The numbers of asymptomatic spreads are alarming so people look normal feel normal and could be spreading the disease.  

In some cities, COVID numbers have dropped, while in others, infections begin to rise again. Is there a cause from a health care view point?

Dr. Kre: There is not really a cause from a healthcare standpoint.  The numbers continue to rise because people do not do what is needed to help with the prevention. That means not wearing masks not staying home and just antsy to get back to normal in the states where the numbers are rising!

Some people are afraid to go to the hospital when experiencing symptoms, fearing their visit can be fatal. What’s the most effective way to treat yourself at home? Is that an option?

Dr. Kre: If you must treat yourself at home have a doctor on standby because symptoms can change very quickly! Have a thermometer and a pulse ox.  Monitor your temperature and oxygen regularly. 
If your symptoms change or worsen go to the ER as soon as you recognize a difference, because sometimes you need prescriptions for your symptom relief! If you feel sick and must treat at home still do it under a doctor’s watchful care!

What do you think of conspiracy theorists who think this pandemic is not real?

Dr. Kre: I think that this must mean they have never had anyone close to them experience this bad disease. It is not a hoax it is not a political trick it is real.  The numbers are astronomical sooner or later it will hit closer to home for those people to sadly learn the hard way!

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