Sphere of App Icons on Smart Phone

By: Keith T. & Shenelle Wallace (April 2011)

Now-a-days everyone is hip to technology, and we’re pretty sure you’re no exception. At the click of a button we can have access to almost anything in the world and more importantly the Word of God. So if you ran out of the house this morning without taking a minute to read, or if you’re approaching the middle of the day and need a serious pick-me-upper, the bible is available right at your fingertips, from your selective hand held electronic device in app form. So how can these apps help to build your faith you ask? Well, since faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God then you can build your faith wherever you are with these 5 Bible apps.
1. Bible app from You Version (http://www.youversion.com/mobile/).

– 41 different translations in 22 languages (including Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and more) Audio available with certain versions.
– Easy navigation: Jump to a verse quickly by typing the reference in the search box.
– Reading Plans: Choose from 50+ different reading plans for daily selections to keep you on track when you’re on the go.
– Community: Learn from others by checking out recent contributions. Just tap the number next to the verse.
– Quick search: Search the entire Bible for a word, phrase, or verse, and get your results in seconds.

2. Logos 4 (http://www.logos.com/mobile): This is for those that might be seeking a more in-depth study of the scriptures.

– A Library at Your Fingertips: Your on-the-go library, featuring many titles from your Logos 4 collection, is just a click away. Browse your Library or Recent Books for the book you want—and start reading.
– Search Fast: Not only can you browse through your library, but Logos Bible Software allows you to search your entire library for any word or phrase.
– Passage Guides: The Passage Guide allows you to enter a verse and get a detailed report that includes relevant commentaries, cross references, literary typing, and media resources.
– Original Languages Translations: Access the original Greek & Hebrew words with a simple tap-and-hold on any word in the Bible. You’ll instantly see the Lemma and morphology of the term.
– Read Books: Just feel like reading a book? Browse through your library and open one up. If you’ve opened the book before on your iPad or computer, it will pick up right where you left off.
– Word Studies: Learn more about a word by running a Bible Word Study. Get a report with links to dictionaries, lexicons, verses using the word, and view various translations of the Greek or Hebrew word.
– Greek & Hebrew Lexicons: Looking up Greek or Hebrew words in a lexicon allows you to get a definition of the Greek or Hebrew word and its various uses in Scripture.
– Reading Plans: Stay up to date on your daily readings with a Bible Reading Plan. As a Logos 4 user you can complete your reading on your computer or iPhone and both will keep your plan up to date.
– Text Comparison: Pull up any verse and compare it across 5 different versions. Text Comparison visually indicates the variations between versions and provides you with a percentage of difference.
– Quick Jump to Bible Verses: Whenever you come across a verse reference in Logos Bible Software, simply tap it and you are presented with the Bible text and given the option to jump to the verse in your preferred Bible translation.

3. Remember Me (http://sites.google.com/site/rememberapp/). This app is currently available only on the Android platform. This app helps with Bible memorization and organization.

– Memorize by hearing
– Word puzzle
– First letters, placeholders
– Line by line learning
– Intelligent review system
– Flashcards
– Web sync
– Export to SD card
– Daily reminder
– Exchange texts with other apps
– Numerous Bible versions

4. Chapter & Verse: Proverbs – Scripture of the Day (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chapter-verse-proverbs-scripture/id353484137?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D6)

Description: A proverb a day which provides spiritual and practical advice for everyday living. The book of Proverbs was written by Solomon, the wisest King to ever rule Israel.

5. Holy Bible Game (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bible-reference-game/id335724587?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D6)

Description: A fun way to learn the word of God by matching the provided scripture verse with its reference.