photoGet what, you ask? “The struggle is real”, “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” If any of these resonate with you as a single when it comes to dating, then these featured coaches get that! The dating process is not always easy to navigate, especially when you’re serious about it and seeking to find your potential husband or wife. These three relationship coaches below presents an optimistic approach to finding the right mate for you.





Paul C. Brunson

Paul Brunson

Paul Brunson left his full time job (and a lucrative one at that) to dedicate his life to becoming a matchmaker. After realizing the enormous percentage of children with only one parent in the home, he wanted to change that. With the motto “Love Is Closer Than You Think,” Paul believes in good women and good men who simply have yet to find each other. His bestselling book “It’s Complicated, But It Doesn’t Have To Be” encourages singles to change their mindset from hopeless to hopeful. He’s done the research, he’s put in the time, and he knows what he’s talking about. To find about more about Paul and his services, click here:





Stephan Labissaire

Stephan Labossier

Stephen Labossiere is a Relationship Coach and author of the best seller “God Where Is My Boaz.” Single ladies, if you haven’t read this book, you need to! Stephan is dedicated to make relationships easier and more fulfilling and is doing just that through his platform, the word of God, and exceptional wisdom. Don’t worry guys there is something for you too! Stephan also penned the book “He Who Finds A Wife” which encourages self growth for men which will put them on the path to finding a great woman. Stephan’s credentials are endless. Having been on networks such as ABC, Huffington Post Live, GQ and more, Stephan is  ahead of the game and can help you to get there too. Find out more about Stephan here:




Tony Gaskins Jr.


Tony GaskinsTony Gaskins Jr. wants to make sure relationships are formulated the right way, through Christ. Having been there and done that, Tony knows the game inside out and realized that the only way to have a successful love life, is to do it the way God intended.  Tony has sold out relationship seminars across the globe and continues to do so walking in his purpose. His books include: Single Is Not A Curse, Mrs. Wright, The New Guy Code, Real Love, and What Daddy Never Told His Little Girl.Find out more about Tony here: