Real People Audience: Group Black Couple Watching Movie Theater 3D
There’s more to movies than mere entertainment. As a movie lover, I find myself looking beyond basic humor and a gorgeous cast to really understand the message the director wants to convey. I found these three films to be particularly insightful to relationships, especially that of a marriage. So whether you’re single, dating, or married perhaps there is something you can take from these




Jumping the Broom

You found “The One!” The perfect person you’ve been waiting for to share your life with and you can’t wait for your family to meet them too. You just know your mom will love him/her. But she doesn’t. In fact neither sides of the soon to be blended families can get along. What do you do? Jumping the Broom tells the story of how allowing too many voices into your relationship can make you question what you already know to be right in your heart.



Not Easily Broken

I often wonder what happens to the immense joy felt on one’s wedding day that has managed to disappear 10 years into the marriage. That cloud you were on, and that high you swore you would never come down from. What happened? Change in a spouse? Change in your circumstances? Maybe both. Not Easily Broken, Produced by T.D. Jakes displays the unexpected that can happen, interrupting marital bliss.



Why Did I Get Married?

“Marriage is hard!” How many times have you heard that from married couples? “You got to put in work!” Indeed. And Tyler Perry captures a few big challenges that husband and wife face in Why Did I Get Married? Compromise, forgiveness, balancing family and work, are some of the marital issues played out in this film, and how if not handled with care, they can make or break a marriage.


Written by: Shenelle Wallace