13 Ways To Increase PrayerEveryone wants to be closer to God, everyone wants to have an effective prayer life and for their prayers to be answered. Here are ten ways you can increase your prayer life:

1. Prayer is not about eloquence; it is about the position of your heart. Pray from a place of sincerity and longing, God always hears those prayers.

2. Prayer is a language the more you use the language the more skilled you become at it.

3. Your ability to pray effectively comes from knowing HOW/WHAT to pray, it is imperative that you study the different types of prayer to know how/what to pray.

4. Be filled with the Holy Spirit; learn to pray in your heavenly language it will translate to effective praying in your natural language.

5. Prayer is a discipline it grows in times of desperation, in times of difficulty and when we pray all the time an not just when we desire.

6. When you pray, learn to pray God’s heart do not go into prayer just with what you want but what God wants.

7. Learn the different types of prayer so you can use the right one, ask “is this a prayer of petition, thankfulness, warfare?”

8. Study the word of God; if you do not know what to pray, learn how to pray the word of God back to God, his word does not come back void.

9. Study the greats of prayer; join a prayer group, if you want to be effective in prayer, pray with people who are effective.

10. Understand that prayer must all come from a place of intimacy, we pray what we hear God is saying, so you must learn how God communicates with you.

11. Learn if you are praying to God or against the enemy, this  will let you know which type of prayer  tools to use.

12. Prayer can be sung, it can be written, it can be drawn out, when you are stuck find a different way to communicate with God.


This article was originally posted on askdoctorfaith.com. See the article here.