By: Shenelle Wallace

This month we decided to highlight some of our most admirable celebrity couples out there. What we admire about them is the fact that they continuously display love, support, and respect for each other time after time. Check out who made our list below!


Erica and WarrenMary Mary’s Erica Campbell and husband Warren Campbell know how to make sweet music in their personal and professional lives. She’s a singer, and he’s a music producer. Sounds like a great match in musical heaven to me! Never failing to give God the credit for their martial success, the twosome values prayer as a way to keep them together and grounded.






Meagan-Good-DeVon-FranklinMeagan Good and Devon Franklin’s romance makes us blush when we see how happy and in love they are. The couple never hesitates to share that they waited until after their wedding to consummate their marriage. Devon a minister, and Meagan an actress, we’re proud that they break all the “Hollywood rules” and choose to honor God in their professional and personal lives.








Sarah and ToureNewlyweds Sarah Jakes and Toure Roberts are “newbies” in marriage to one another. Married just a little over 2 months, they are determined to make it last! Sarah, the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jake’s has followed in her mother’s footsteps to becoming a first lady, of One Church LA where husband Toure Roberts is pastor.









Tamera-Mowry-Adam-Housley-Wedding We love Tamera Mowry just for who she is! She constantly professes her faith in God and we love her for it! Tamera confesses that she is old fashioned when it comes to dating, as she believes in courting and abstaining until marriage. She found the perfect match for her, in husband Adam Housley. The two have an immensely cute baby boy Aden, and a lovely baby girl on the way!








vibe-vixen-wedding8Tia Mowry Harict has been with her husband actor Corey Hardict for over a decade. We’ve seen the two on the red carpet, and have had a glimpse into their personal lives on Tia’s past reality show. We love how Corey supports his uber successful wife in all her endeavors and how she continues to do the same for him.









David and TamelaDavid and Tamela Mann are an extraordinarily humorous couple! They can both sing, and act, and are living their dream. Married for over twenty years, Christ is the center of their relationship and gets the credit for them staying together until this very day.









paulbrunson-and-wife Matchmaker Paul Brunson and his wife Jill Brunson know what it is to have a successful marriage. Through their company and social media, they share their marital advice daily and are advocates for healthy marriages and relationships.









Tamia & Grant HillSinger Tamia and retired basketball star Grant Hill have been married for years. We admire that their marriage has been able to stand the test of time in an industry where marriage constantly comes and goes.








Flex and ShamiceActor Flex Alexander and wife Shanice Alexander have been under the radar for quite sometime. But we still have love for them both! They managed marital success both in front of and behind the cameras and we are just as happy for them now as when their romance first began.





Nicole and BorisGorgeous couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker have managed to keep their marriage out of the spotlight where its subject to public opinion and scrutiny. We continue to see how in love they are when they are out and about.