By: Shenelle Wallace (June 2011)

Secrets. Everyone has them and few are willing to come clean. They destroy relationships and may very well turn your impeccable world upside down. Writer Robin Baker understood this and wrote about it in the stage play, “The Best Kept Secrets”.  I had the privilege of viewing the production and left the theatre that night in deep thought, vowing to always own up to  short comings no matter how complex the situation.

The story tells of Bishop Gordon Johnson who seemingly has the perfect Christian family. He has a loving wife who is faithful and supportive, a daughter who is in a healthy marriage, a second daughter on her way to college, and a son who is active in his ministry. But little do they know, their lives are about to be interrupted when a secret kept for over 20 years, is finally revealed. What makes the story even more interesting is that this secret was not revealed by choice, and comes inconveniently and unexpected, leading to a series of secrets to be exposed within this family. Things are certainly headed for a downfall.

What follows after is mixture of twists and huge surprises keeping the audience engaged and eager to find out how the story will end.  There’s a balance of humor, shock, fun, and sorrow wrapped up in this great show. Directed by Monique Williams, the group of actors were compelling, all embodying their roles.

The good news is, instead of going to the show, you can have the show come to you! E-mail for more information, and be sure to check out their website at